Century Villag​e Pembroke Pines

While it’s intermission for live theater, great entertainment is still available at Century Village Theater!
CV At Home Series offers free video performances that you can view right on your computer or internet
device. During the week you will receive an email announcing the video performance along with a
short description. The following day you will receive the viewing internet link at 8 pm. This video
performance will then be available for viewing for the next 48 hours.
The response to this program has been fantastic and if you are not already taking advantage of it, you
can do so by subscribing on to our email list at www.centuryvillagetheater.com/pembroke_pines
The information is also on our website at www.centuryvillagetheater.com/at-home-series
These are only a sampling of the wonderful video performances that will be coming to you this season
and that you will be able to view directly from the comfort of your home.